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Pros and Cons of the OnePlus Nord Buds 2R, Budget King?

Therefore, I’ll be reviewing the Oneplus Nord Buds 2R TWS Earbuds today. These earbuds were just released in India and are the company’s least expensive TWS model to date. The Oneplus Nord Buds 2—recently released—which first became available in India around two months ago—is actually the Buds 2R in a more basic form. Here, the new Buds 2R’s lack of ANC support is the primary distinction. A few additional small adjustments are also there in addition to that. Oh, and don’t forget the price difference, which is about 800 Rs.

How long do these earphones last in general is the major question. Should you consider other options in the market before spending an additional $800 to purchase the Nord Buds 2?

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